IMPROV 4 Effective Communication

STAY TUNED: Next Workshop coming soon (updated August 27, 2021 — Get vaccinated everyone so we can enjoy Life fully again and get into some gooood iMPROV!) 

Improvisation or Improv is something done by talented and quick-witted comedians typically resulting in non-stop hilarity — right? From the likes of the late-great Robin Williams or more contemporary comedy actors like Amy Poehler, Tina Fey and Steve Carell, we are amazed at their quick-quipping repartee.

They perform in that out-of-the-box-thinking space which catches us off-guard and we wonder: 

How do they come up with these amazing lines, characters or situations?

And how do they do it with such ease and speed?

In part, it’s due to practice, practice, practice! Lots of Improv-ing leads to Improving!  And it’s not just about being funny!

Improv is an incredibly dynamic tool that allows one to access or improve core qualities and abilities that are already there. Like exercising a muscle, a mental one, that you haven’t been using regularly. After just one class, many of the participants often say “I wasn’t expecting that”, as they discover this untapped potential.


Victor has created a unique Improv experience that is specifically targeted to the level and goal of the participants, allowing them to shift out of their comfort zones and explore new facets of their authentic  self.  

These custom-designed Improv workshops will provide the opportunity to:

  • Think more quickly on your feet
  • Challenge your current communication skills
  • Improve your listening ability
  • Increase professional acuity
  • Unleash your inner creativity
  • Become more adept at adapting
  • Release your Improvisational Genius

At the end of most classes, participants don’t want to leave— which is a testament to the case that you can gain valuable insights while HAVING FUN! 

Victor’s IMPROV Workshops are designed for both Personal and Professional growth.


If you have taken a workshop, I would love to get your FEEDBACK  – Go to the Comment Section below. 

Read the Professional Service Group’s blogs/articles about Victor’s Improv workshops:   

How to Improvise For Effective Business Communication

How can IMPROV help me on-the-job or in the job-search?

Learn to Communicate More Effectively at Meetings, Interviews, or Networking Events

 The The next workshop is coming soon in 2021!

Last workshop was in 2019 : October 09 2019 in Somerville! 

Previous workshop in Princeton.

For more info or to register Please EMAIL Me at:

Current classes begin at 6:00 PM and run until 8:30PM. Although, I find that most of the time, the class gets extended beyond to 9:15! PEOPLE JUST DON’T WANT TO LEAVE!  They are gaining insights, honing in on their messaging and HAVING FUN!! 

It’s all there in their comments below.  


More information can be found at: (Improv 4 Effective Business Communication).

Contact Victor for more info:  Also if you would like to discuss scheduling an Improv workshop for your group.

About the Developer and Facilitator:

Victor’s passion and purpose is about teaching people new skills and inspiring them to exceed their potential. It is with this purpose that gave birth to the Improv for Effective Business Communication Workshop in 2013. 

From the first time he stepped onto an Improv stage, other players who studied under Second City recognized his unique Improv talents and ability. He sensed from the start that Improv could be a very effective vehicle for self-exploration.

He leads various versions of his Improv workshop to fit the needs of his audience (job-seekers, singles, those looking to improve communication skills, helping to find one’s authentic voice, finding your life’s purpose and team-building for business).

Victor has spent most of his career creating and presenting training and educational material, typically for the systems and products he developed. Currently, he is performing a variety of functions, including technical writing, blogging and social media strategy, for a local services management company. 

He is a graduate of NYU.


Contact Victor:

21 thoughts on “IMPROV 4 Effective Communication”

  1. I attended Victor’s IMPROV class with no prior knowledge about what it will entail. By the time we finished, the class had helped all participants step out of their comfort zone and IMPROVise. The fear of the unknown in a conversation was addressed in a fun-filled gamified way. Victor’s respect for all participants and careful advice at the end of each round was distinctly admirable. His energy is infectious. Thank you Victor!


  2. I signed up for Victor’s IMPROV class after hearing so many positive reviews from other members at my local Professional Services Group who had attended in the past. I had the sense it was going to knock me out of my comfort zone, and though I was a bit apprehensive, I forged ahead anyway.

    Well it did not disappoint. The class was just the right size to get personal, to get real, to be put on the spot, without reserve and without censorship, to allow the authentic ‘you’ through in our response to life.

    Victor is a master at facilitating the session and he chose exercises that were engaging and fun. I highly recommend taking his IMPROV class!! Make it a challenge to yourself to get out of your own way and express yourself creatively and spontaneously.

    It is truly a practiced art.

    — Kathy Petersen, member of Professional Services Group of Central New Jersey


  3. Jack McCarthy said:

    Recently took one of Victor’s Improv classes. They are always very well planned out to be informative and entertaining. The classes provide a forum to put the advice and instructions into effect on how to become more nimble when “thinking on your feet.” His techniques also remind you how to pick up cues from other people to keep your conversations lively and memorable. If you have the opportunity to take one of Victor’s sessions, you’ll be glad to have spent the time there.


  4. Val Kuntz said:

    A most enjoyable IMPROV Class led by Victor this past Wednesday Night, May 17th in Somerville. The time flew by as the group was having fun with participating in each of the exercises. As the presentation and exercises went on during the evening it got me creatively thinking quickly with what to say and do next. Victor got everyone involved and he did not rush any of us during the evening. He took the time and cared about what everyone had to say at the end of the Improv going over our feedback and that was great! Thank You Victor!


  5. Very enjoyable class last night (5/17)! Thinking on your feet is a critical skill for virtually everything, the Improv class made it fun to practice! Victor’s enthusiasm is contagious.


  6. Anoop Kumar said:

    I attended Victor’s IMPROV class on 5/17 last night. It was great experience and it brought out a side of me which needs further exploration and will be a work in progress.

    An insight from the main topic about being in the present was to think freely and outside the box. Sometimes your inner critic is too cautious or critical due to your earlier experiences. It’s never too late to hit the reset button, start over and begin the discovery phase.

    Victor brings with him the unique quality of keeping the team engaged and has a keen eye for details.

    As the course facilitator, he has the rare ability to not only fully engage the participants but intuitively knows how to nudge you out of your comfort zone.

    I look forward to taking another class for further exploration. And based on what other attendees have stated, each class is unique.


  7. Victor told me that no two classes are alike so, taking him at his word, I attended a second Advanced class in February. He was right, it was totally different and wonderfully challenging!

    Not only was the class different, but I had alerted Victor of an interview I had the next day and he actually tailored some of the exercises around the interview. They proved incredibly helpful and gave me a unique perspective by which to position myself. Victor did state in the earlier classes that he would customize an exercise or even create a brand new one if we emailed him ahead of time the issue we were looking to tackle.

    You cannot take enough of these sessions —- because it’s all about the practice — each session is unique and provides new insights each time — what a great forum to practice your communication skills and get laser-focused on your message!

    I thoroughly recommend these sessions! Can’t wait for the next one!


  8. Mike Carr said:

    I did both the Intro and Advanced Improv classes with Victor over the course of a couple of weeks, and really enjoyed both of them. There is literally no place to hide, which for someone who is not an extrovert by nature is actually a good thing!

    As a job-seeker, the exercises force you to take a look at yourself and the words that you use to describe who you are, and are incredibly valuable.

    I’ve been told that no two classes are the same, so I will definitely be going back for more. Thoroughly recommended.


  9. Joe Valenti said:

    Quite a class. It made me think quicker, more concise, and had fun in doing so in who I am and what my value can be, to a prospective employer. Thx Victor !


  10. The workshop was energetic and involved with 100% attendee participation. Facing an audience let alone impromptu speech is not my forte. With the electricity and encouragement, I came out of it with confidence. Will I attend another class? You bet! Highly recommended.


  11. Cheryl Minkoff said:

    Awesome class. Victor’s high energy and passion for helping others created a “safe” environment to break out of your comfort zone. I became more aware of my nonverbal body language. Victor gave me the confidence to break out of my shy self.


  12. Erik Reitz said:

    Victor’s improv class was so much more than I expected! It really helped me to break some self-imposed barriers and explore opening up ways of thinking and behavior I thought was left long behind. I plan to continue with Victor because his energy is catching and the class had lots of fun. The active listening/reacting skills have clear life and business communication application.

    EVERYONE should learn improv with Victor!


  13. Lester Eversen said:

    I recently took Victor’s class “Creative Self-Exploration Using Improv” offered in Princeton. If asked to summarize the class (two 4-week sessions) in one word I would say, “OUTSTANDING.” I was looking to move out of my comfort zone and I can easily say the class gave me a big shove. Victor has boundless enthusiasm for improvisation and its multiple uses, and he’s not afraid to challenge his students.

    As someone who tends to be cautious and very self-judging, the class helped me to let go of many of those self-critical and hampering thoughts simply because you don’t have time to think about them. It’s definitely not about hitting a home run every time you’re at bat – in fact some of the greatest insights for me were gained when I swung and missed…and then from there when I solidly connected and sent the ball flying, it was exhilarating…which makes the experience (and process) freeing and SOOO rewarding.

    I’ve been talking up the class to all of my friends and strongly believe everyone should give IMPROV a try. I’m also seeing how IMPROV applies to other aspects of my life…

    It was one of the most FUN things I’ve done in a long time. DO IT, you’ll LOVE IT!


  14. Regina Neri said:

    I had the good fortune of attending one of Victor’s classes recently and I was happy that I did. I didn’t know what to expect and since I’m a little introverted, I was scared of what I would have to do. Victor engages everyone and there is no judgement from anyone. He surely does get you out of your comfort zone, and at the same time he instills confidence in each person.

    This particular class was focused on job-seeking—and many of us are in the process of interviewing. I know for myself and most people, interviews can be challenging—the necessity of pushing aside the nerves and coming across as passionate and enthusiastic. Well this class really helped me. I had an interview 2 days later and I found myself with much more confidence. And you know what? I GOT THE JOB!! yay! Thanks Victor.

    I’d like to add, the class was really fun, too. Victor is a great instructor, very energetic and very likeable. I highly recommend this class to anyone.


  15. PSGCNJ Contributor said:

    Thank you, Victor, for an engaging Improv class. Your enthusiasm is contagious! The class is a great way to hone listening skills and to think on your feet. Great prep for an interview!


  16. Victor’s passion for Improv comes across the minute you walk into his workshop. He makes sure everyone is engaged and will pull people out of their comfort zone in a gradual and subtle way while having fun. The class itself is a great exercise in learning to listen and communicating by keeping an open mind and furthering a conversation by remaining in “agree” mode rather than ending conversations by a “no” and to adapt to the conversation.


  17. Blanche Paul said:

    I felt instantly at home with Victor and my fellow improv students. Victor works hard to make this a safe place to explore interactions. He gives suggestions to guide us while still respecting our point of view. Taking the class was a fun way to break out of my usual habit of planning ahead and just get into the spontaneous flow of conversations that can go in many unexpected, and often insightful new directions.


  18. This is a safe and fun place to watch your own mind work and “see yourself as others see you”. You will realize how often we inhibit a situation by saying “no” and how things go more smoothly when we say “yes”. So take the risk, and take this workshop. It’s well worth it.


  19. Great class, helps you break out of your boundaries, adapt and *listen*. Highly recommended.


  20. John Zerillo said:

    Victor is an energetic, inspiring, and insightful instructor in Improv. He is excellent in helping students develop listening and interpersonal skills. You will become more spontaneous and outgoing in a painless fun-filled atmosphere. Your significant other will notice the difference. You will be more fun-loving and show more compassion.


  21. Excellent class. I took this to improve my interviewing and business skills without realizing just how relevant improv principals were. although it’s a constant work in progress, I will make every effort to apply the 5 principals of improv – Agree, Listen, (well I can’t share the rest—it’s part of the class!)- and I’ll add a sixth – ”brevity’ to improve my work and life. Thanks Victor!

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